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Our full-time brokers currently average approximately 15 years in the business. This is probably more than most any other company in the area. Our designated broker started in 1978 and still works over 60 hours per week helping the brokers here with their transactions, questions, training, and developing better and better tools, resources and technologies for to help them succeed. He is non-competing, meaning that he isn’t taking any leads, and spending his time away from the office doing his own sales and listings. On occasion, he takes on an old customer, or family friend, but that’s the extent.

His experience in the business, when it comes to his sales records, is unsurpassed in this area. Having personally sold over 3,000 homes in his career, including 220 in one year alone, he was designated multiple times as the top agent in the State of Washington for RE/MAX, lead his team to the highest sales volume in the four State RE/MAX region, and was ranked among the top 100 in the nation for RE/MAX.

We are a small boutique office of full-time successful brokers working as a team. Like successful teams within large offices, but to a much greater extent, we provide leads and business tools and technologies to our brokers they would normally have to supply and maintain on their own. Unlike most teams within offices, however, each broker keeps their earnings, only sharing it with the company, not the team AND the company. In addition to business the company supplies them, the brokers are trained on how to create their own business, utilizing everything we provide to assist them with their endeavors. We support them, and help them in any manner we can, to become as successful as they’d like to be.

The office itself exudes a homey, warm, and comfortable atmosphere. Our brokers, and their clients, really like coming here. We have created a culture that is built upon customer centric values and service, and believe that you have to put your interests behind that of the customer, and always do what’s right.

We support each other like a family. Unlike many other companies that have jealousies, clicks, and competition for the same leads and clients, our office is comprised of a team of brokers who care about and recognize the other broker’s accomplishments. Seasoned brokers are happy to help the newer brokers, and everyone is treated the same. There’s no favoritism.

When leads come in, they go out on an equal basis according to each broker’s area preferences. Our system checks each lead, automatically, to make sure it’s not already assigned to another broker. If so, it goes right back to the original broker. There’s no competition for the same client.

In short, our company atmosphere, values, platform, and structure is a welcome change to brokers moving from some of the other companies, and new brokers become part of the family very quickly, feel welcome, and don’t feel intimidated.

What really sets WEBREALTY apart from the competition, is the personalized level of service, support, and range of tools, systems, technology, and resources we provide. In addition, the office manager has been with us since 2007, and is an awesome help to the brokers, especially the newer brokers, in helping them make sure all of their paperwork is in order, taking care of various inputting tasks for them , and much more.

Our designated broker is here, literally, seven days a week supporting the brokers with answers to unusual situations they may come across, how to properly word things in a real estate purchase and sale agreement, taking time to work one on one with brokers on areas they’re unsure of, and training the newer brokers, personally, in how to write transactions, do statistical market analysis, and much much more. With his 40+ years experience, and over 3,000 transactions under his belt, he is a wealth of knowledge for new, and seasoned brokers, alike, and helps them deal with almost any situation they may come across.

Need graphics designed for a business card, personalized sign, sign rider, folder or what have you? We take care of that and provide you the .ai, eps, pdf, or jpg files as you need. And, as usual, no extra charge! Need to make an audio or video presentation? We have the tools for you to do that, right here in the office. Needless to say, our individualized support with business advice, coaching, training, and providing what’s needed for a successful real estate career is way beyond the norm.

In addition to one-on-one and weekly group training, we have curriculums for brand new brokers, rising stars, and top producers. Our online WEBREALTY University brand new broker program starts with Core 1. This training takes them first through the basics of working their sphere of influence, establishing the mindset of a top producer, understanding the buying and selling process, learning the NWMLS tools and resources, advertising regulations, and our top-of-the-line business management CRM system.

In Core 2, they learn about the rest of the company provided tools, systems, and resources, about Title and Escrow, preparing for, and converting online leads, and writing purchase and sale agreements. Once they’re through these first two core curriculums, they are ready to go on lead rotation.

We have invested in ongoing online training through several top trainers and high producing agents and brokers. We also include training from top coaches like Brian Icenhower, Debbie De Grote, Mike Ferry and Tom Ferry.

In addition, we have an extensive Skills and Tasks program that teaches Business Planning, Establishing Rapport, Marketing and Prospecting, Working with Buyers, Working with Sellers, Scripts and Dialogues, Personal Branding and Marketing, and Time Management.

We are constantly adding to our online training as we come across additional resources that we feel are important for our brokers to know about. Almost on a daily basis, relevant and up-to-date articles we get through subscriptions to various real estate information services, are sent out to our brokers to help them become more skilled and knowledgeable about the real estate profession. 

Long before the advent of the computer, Doug was always looking out for anything that could provide him an edge over the competition. Things like signs that lit up with headlights hitting them, talking house machines where you could tune your radio into the frequency on the sign and hear him talking about the features. He was one of the first to utilize computers in his business, and the local newspaper did an article on him called Homes by Computers. He was one of the first real estate agents in the State of Washington to have his own website. It was extremely basic compared to the sites of today, and he had to go to Seattle to get it built. It took six months and $25,000 for his first site! He took out a billboard to advertise it, and there are people that remember that, even today.

This love of innovation and technology is still there, but he now buys it, builds it, or leases it for use by his brokers. He’s constantly on the lookout for anything that could give his brokers both a competitive edge and make their job easier and more automated. The WEBaBUZZ project is, by far, the largest undertaking he has ever done, and will pay off handsomely to the brokers who secure their own WEBaBUZZ geo-farming territory.

Just a few of the many tools, resources, and technologies that assist his brokers are automated monthly personalized newsletters, automated daily social media postings, automated visual tours, and artificial intelligence based text and emails to leads. There’s many more such as dozens of Facebook pages and groups for his brokers to market their listings on. Taking the aspects of experience, culture, support, training and technology, there’s no other office in the area that matches up.

WEBaBUZZ is a county-based micro-social media system unlike anything ever developed. It is our company’s brainchild and has taken over 10 years and close to a million dollars to build. When finished late in 2020 or early 2021, it will provide the WEBREALTY Team with a geographic and demographic farming tool unlike, and unavailable, to anyone else in the entire State of Washington. To learn more about WEBaBUZZ and how it could propel your business to levels you never thought possible, go to


What Keri Says


Being a new agent, I was nervous about getting the training, I truly desired, to start in this industry. When I Met Doug Burger and he explained how he manages his brokers, I knew I was in the right place. His gentle yet experienced voice explains things in depth, even after many, many questions. I have no need to look at another agency when I feel right at home. All things combined with training, support, knowledge, and a bit of humor to level it all out, Doug has created a highly functioning, stable work environment. I would highly recommend joining his team if you’re looking for a consistent and trustworthy leader with a great team behind him. ” 

Keri Ingledew  – Real Estate Broker


Are You...

Do you like to work independently, not work at a desk all day, have good people skills, are disciplined and self-motivated, enjoy helping people, and want to have a financially rewarding career? If so, you are a great candidate for a very successful career in real estate sales. Until you get started, however, you have no idea all there is to learn, the startup expenses, ongoing expenses, and challenges you will face. We understand this, and are here to help and take away a lot of that angst.

Getting lost in the crowd and the peer competition found in many larger companies is definitely not your best choice. We specialize in quality versus quantity and want to help get you off to a good start. We would much rather have a dozen high producing, happy brokers than a hundred typical brokers. 

With our new broker training and mentoring program, our “Business in a Box” approach of taking away the majority of the expense of purchasing and maintaining the tools, resources, and technology you will need, and our new WEBREALTY Team platform, it would be hard not to be successful here. 

Oh, forgot, then there’s WEBaBUZZ. Wait until you hear about that!

We’ve all been there, and know how starting a career in real estate can be intimidating and sometimes downright scary! After all, in reality, you’re going into business for yourself. You are, or are going to be, an Independent Contractor solely responsible for running and success of your own business, in a VERY competitive industry.

In the beginning, you are filled with anxiety about the unknown. What do I do now? What’s expected of me? How do I write a purchase agreement? How do I list a house? What do I say to a new buyer? What do I do and say at a listing appointment? How do I get clients to work with? What are the ongoing costs of running my new business? What equipment and technology do I need, and how much is that going to cost? And the list goes on and on and on.

At WEBREALTY, we know all this and have spent over 2 years structuring a NEW OR STRUGGLING real estate broker training and mentorship program just for your situation. It is available NOW, as part of our transition to our new, local community focused real estate platform, WEBREALTY.

According to real estate coaching guru Tom Ferry, 87% of agents fail within 5 years. When just starting out, it’s CRITICAL to align yourself with the right company, or risk becoming part of that 87%. In addition to our extensive training for new or struggling brokers by local and national megastars of the industry, our brokers are provided the business building tools, systems, resources and technology that the highest producers of the industry utilize to make well into six figures, and sometimes seven. After only 4 years selling real estate full time, one of our brokers is already earning approximately $250,000 per year!

We are, essentially, non-competing partners with our brokers in their business, but give them a larger share of the profits! We train them in the techniques of high producing brokers and handle much of what they need behind the scenes, allowing for them to sell more real estate. Along with no franchise or team split fees, our “Business in a Box” approach saves our brokers approximately $10,000 per year in business expenses for what we already provide for them. In addition, they have a non-competing, multi-State RE/MAX sales champion with a one year sales record of 220 transactions available to mentor and help them with anything they have a question about, 7 days a week! You won’t find a more comprehensive training system, accompanied by a full-time 40+ year veteran mentor, anywhere!

Just after the completion of our migration to WEBREALTY in 2021, WEBREALTY Team brokers will each get their own geographic and demographic farming territory as exclusive real estate sponsors for the upcoming WEBaBUZZ micro-social community networking project. This million dollar ten year project, is a collaboration with Micro Social Communities, LLC, a sister company, to develop a one-of-a-kind communications system for the benefit of the citizens of Thurston County. By design, WEBaBUZZ will provide a platform for our brokers to be in front of thousands of homeowners and buyers 24/7. Our brokers will be the face of real estate for their territory, helping to create a flow of business unobtainable by any other means. For newer brokers, they will be able to establish themselves as seasoned brokers in a much shorter period of time.

We want our brokers to be successful. We don’t want them to be a statistic, so we go to great lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen. It starts with hiring the right brokers, with the right mindset, drive, ambition and time. If you feel you fit our criteria, we encourage you to get hold of us so we can meet, discuss your situation, and see if we mutually agree that you would be a good fit for our program.

Seasoned Pros fit perfectly into our company. Our owner is well known for his progressive approach and always being on top of, and taking advantage of, the latest in systems and technology. Seasoned pros can utilize the experience and success he’s had to take their careers to the next level. We also save our brokers time and expense by providing them, at no cost, with some of the most advanced business building tools, resources, and technology available today, to help propel them to whatever level of success they desire. Brokers already in the business will quickly realize what they’ve been lacking at their previous company. 

We are, essentially, non-competing partners with our brokers, but give them a larger share of the profits! We train them in the techniques of high producing brokers and handle much of what they need behind the scenes, freeing them up to sell more real estate. Along with no franchise fees, or team splitting fees, our “Business in a Box” approach saves our brokers approximately $10,000 per year if they had to pay for what we provide AND maintain for them. In addition, they have a non-competing, multi-year RE/MAX #1 Washington State sales champion and 40+ year veteran of the industry available to mentor and help them with anything they have a question about, 7 days a week! You would be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive package of training, tools, systems, and resources, accompanied by a full-time 40+ year veteran mentor having these qualifications, anywhere.

But what’s coming in 2021 will absolutely blow you away. Our brokers will each get their own geographic and demographic farming territory as exclusive real estate sponsors for the upcoming WEBaBUZZ micro-social community networking project. This one-of-a-kind system has been designed for the benefit of the citizens of Thurston County, and will provide a platform for our brokers to be in front of thousands of homeowners and buyers 24/7. It will make our brokers the face of real estate for their territory, helping to create a flow of business unobtainable by any other means. 

We want our brokers to be successful. We don’t want them to be a statistic. We go to great lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen. In short, we take away a huge chunk of the back-end work and expense, leaving you to concentrate on building your successful career. However, to be part of the WEBREALTY Team, you must be a full-time broker with the drive, determination, ambition and time it takes to become a top producer. 


What Punalei Says


I chose WEBREALTY because the resources the company makes available to a new broker was very impressive.  The availability, knowledge of the industry and professionalism of our Designated Broker/owner, Doug Burger, is what I was looking for when it comes to leadership.  Doug’s vision for his company and brokers made me want to be a part of what I consider to be innovative and progressive in real estate. Our Office Manager, as well as the other brokers, are all willing to step outside of the box and assist whenever needed.   By learning together and helping one another, we achieve our goal of becoming better people and the best real estate brokers serving our communities. ” 

Punalei McLean  – Real Estate Broker


Where We Are At and Where We Are Going!


Your marketing efforts should never sideline you from what you do best. Our tools do your campaign's heavy lifting so you can focus on showing more homes, getting more leads, and closing more sales. Imagine automated, consistent content posted to your social media accounts so you don’t have to.


We provide you with what many insist is the best of the best of all-inclusive real estate platforms for the modern brokerage. The lead engine helps provide buyer and seller leads through a beautiful website with full IDX capabilities, and the SMART CRM, with artificial intelligence and stealth surveillance, helps nurture those leads until they are ready to do business with you!


coming 2021

Our exclusive WEBaBUZZ intranet features team collaboration and postings of photos, videos, contests, a directory, discussions, document storage, events, news, Q&A, and surveys. It also contains a comprehensive suite of public marketing tools for each broker. This includes About My Business, My Blog, Contests, Public Discussions, News, Photo Albums, Public Q&A, Recommended Affiliates, Client Reviews, Special Offers, Surveys & Polls, and Videos.


It’s very rare that a company will provide you with hundreds of leads each year, but that’s exactly what we do. While not guaranteed, we typically end up disbursing between 200 and 300 leads to each broker. We utilize both Facebook and Google Ads to generate leads. Leads go straight into the brokers personal contact management system supplied by the company. When a lead is disbursed to a broker, it automatically goes into one of their own personalized "Smart" campaigns. The lead receives emails and texts, over time, including artificial intelligence triggered contacts based upon their behaviors on the brokers own IDX system.


Our online training system has taken years to assemble. We cover not only all the basics, but subjects such as time management, objection handling, personality profiling, personal branding and marketing, writing sales agreements, working your SOI, business planning, lead cultivation, scripts and dialogues and more. In addition to group and one-on-one in-office training, a step-by-step getting started guide for both new and seasoned brokers is provided to help integrate you into the business and our systems.


In addition to your dedicated Public Search Portal IDX site, we provide you with your own full-featured website. This is not just a page on the office’s site like most companies provide. It includes sections for military home searches, a blogging page, your latest newsletters, a personal profile page, client reviews, links to our buyer and seller schools and more. It is custom made for you and can be modified in-house.


coming 2020 - 2021

For those brokers targeting various niche markets such as FSBOs, Expireds, Military Buyers, Home Loan Assistance, demographic groups, etc., we provide tools and resources to assist them in their endeavors. These include targeted websites, landing pages, Facebook pages and Facebook groups.


coming 2020 - 2021

As a client-centric team, we strive to provide the absolute finest five-star experience to our customers. In companies not structured like ours, it’s very difficult to not only insure, but market this type of experience. To help insure a consistency of service to clients among our brokers, we provide complete start to finish systems for buyers and sellers. This includes five-star systems for everything from your first contact to closing the transaction and beyond.


Your Sphere of Influence, SOI, should be your number one source of business. In addition to in-depth training, we provide you with tools and systems to assist you with keeping in touch with your SOI. One of these is a personalized monthly newsletter we send out, on your behalf. All you have to do is enter names and email addresses into the system and we take care of the rest!


coming 2021

WEBaBUZZ is a game changer for our brokers. We’ve been working on this, with a team of programmers, for over ten years and are super excited to see it launch in Thurston County in 2021. Exclusive to the WEBREALTY Team, this micro-social media county-based communications system will provide the citizens of Thurston County with the ability to interact on a private site or the county public site through dozens of features. WEBaBUZZ is comprised of over 800 Thurston County individual websites designed for entities including Baby Boomers, Clubs, Generation X, Generation Z, Groups, Military, Millennials, Neighbors, Organizations, Religions, Schools, Seniors and Teams. Our brokers will be exclusively featured as main sponsors on each and every one of these sites. For more information on WEBaBUZZ, and how it can propel your business to levels you never thought possible, go to


What Toni Says

“It was during our first meeting, that Doug shared the vision he had for his company; Top producing agents, in an office with the latest and best in technology, training, equipment, a strong internet presence, a lead generation system that provided a continuous stream of new business, and a dedicated support staff which enabled the agents to focus on converting incoming leads into clients. It was a thought provoking conversation. It was also everything I was looking for in an agency. I left the interview excited about the prospect of significantly increasing my business, and having the best that a high tech office could offer, without a huge outlay of cash. Doug’s door is always open, and I couldn’t have asked for more supportive co-workers. If you are considering a change, I urge you to explore the career opportunities available at WEBREALTY.”

Toni Greenwood  – Real Estate Broker


What The Public Says

note: we have dozens of 5 star reviews - this is just one of them

“Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you will get the best customer service with WEBREALTY. Doug Burger strives to provide top-of-the-line training for all the brokers, and as a result, the customer service is excellent. I listed my house with Burger Professionals, and due to the beautiful photos posted on the multiple listing, and the attention to detail, my house sold in one day and I made an offer on a condo out of town. They juggled the details so effortlessly, that it all came together in a seamless manner. I would recommend their office to all my friends. They are indeed the best office in town.”

Gayle Zeller  – multi-time client

Are You Ready For a Successful and Lucrative Five Star Career?

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