Should you not find a card design you like, you are welcome to design your own or have a graphic designer come up with a design. The only thing we ask is that any design must be approved by the company prior to printing and it must comply with the specifications outlined below.


There are two main colors, Blue and Burgandy, plus complimentary colors of Teal and two grays. In addition, there are ancillary colors that can be utilized in certain instances

Main Colors

Main Blue

Hex = #172c56 | RGB = 23, 44, 96 | PMS = 655 | CMYK = 100, 889, 38. 32

Main Burgandy

Hex = #831541 | RGB = 131, 21, 65 | PMS = 208 | CMYK = 35, 100, 56, 29

Complementary Colors


Hex = #184b56 | RGB = 24, 75, 86
PMS = 316 C | CMYK = 90, 58, 51, 34

Dark Gray

Hex = #6d6e71 | RGB = 109, 110, 113
PMS = 431 | CMYK = 58, 49, 46, 15

Light Gray

Hex = #939598 | RGB = 147, 149, 152
PMS = 443 | CMYK = 45, 36, 35, 1

Ancillary Colors

Light Blue

Hex = #22417e | RGB = 34, 65, 126
PMS = 7687 C | CMYK = 99, 85, 22, 7

Light Burgandy

Hex = #af1c57 | RGB = 175, 28, 87
PMS = 215 C | CMYK = 26, 100, 48, 8


Hex = #832001 | RGB = 131, 32, 1
PMS = 181 | CMYK = 29, 94, 100, 35


The main font utilized for the WEBREALTY Logo, WEBREALTY Icon and Text on the cards is Sanzettica. This is not a free font and must be utilized for actual printed cards. For mockups, you can use Arial or Roboto. 

Weights used are...

Bold for the Telephone, License, Website and Email address letters = Sanzettica 6 Black 

Regular text = Sanzettica 3 Regular Expanded 

Main text color is the WEBREALTY Dark Blue or Teal depending on the card color scheme

REALTORS color is the WEBREALTY Dark Gray


For mockups, you can utilize Raster imaged logos in .png, .jpg or .pdf images. For print, however, you must utilize Vector imaged logos in either .eps or .svg file formats. 

Equal Housing Opportunity Logos

.PNG Logos

Equal Housing Logo Black

Equal Housing Logo Gray

Equal Housing Logo Blue

Equal Housing Logo Teal

Vector Graphics .SVG Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Realtor Logos

.PNG Logos

Realtor Logo Black

Realtor Logo Gray

Realtor Logo Blue

Realtor Logo Teal

Vector Graphics .SVG Realtor Logo


.PNG Logos

Vector Graphics .SVG logos



Business Card File Specifications

For mockups, it is not at all important as to file specifications. However, if you are preparing a file for uploading to an online print company, here are some suggestions.

Design Color Suggestions and Settings

Preview your work in CMYK

Output in PDF  - Use Adobe PDF/X-1a:2001 preset. In the 'color' box, select Coated GRACOL 2006' colorspace

Design Typography, Text and Line Art Suggestions

1. Make sure text is at least 8pt - very small text can look good on screen but does not print well.
2. Try to keep text in bold colors, made up of one or two inks only (C, M, Y or K).
3. When printing lines in a solid or dark color, make sure they are no thinner than 0.5pt. If you're using a lighter color, use 1pt.
4. Make sure all fonts are embedded or outlined.
5. Save your design using the 'Adobe PDF/X-1a:2001' preset, where possible.

Business Card Print Specifications

When designing your card, allow for a trim and bleed area. You should keep your text and graphics within a 'safe' area of the card to avoid something getting cut off. You also should allow for space from the edges of your card to your text and graphics. Below are templates you can download for two different sizes of cards. One is the standard card you would order from typical online printers such as VistaPrint. The second is a larger format, sometimes referred to as a European size card. It is about the size of a typical credit card.