A Training Plan for Not Only Success, but for a HIGH LEVEL OF SUCCESS in the Real Estate Business

Training at our office is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. Years have gone into creating this system which is self-paced and a combination of the site, available weekly training sessions, one-on-one training with Doug for specific skills like writing transactions, and then Doug’s virtually 7 days a week open door for asking questions whenever you need help. You have your own cubicle at our office where you can study and have Doug available whenever you need him for questions, advice, and guidance.

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Your Own Cubicle


To get you into the mindset of a top producer, we start with..

Next, we go through what we call our Core 1 Training

Next, we go through what we call our Core 2 Training

Then we teach you all about...

This is followed by learning the various skills and tasks you need to become proficient at

Lastly, there are dozens of additional training resources through our sections titled...